About NRD Recreation Areas

Feeling the need to get away from it all? You're in luck - no matter where you are in Nebraska, from the biggest city to the most remote Sandhills ranch, you are never far from a public outdoor recreation area.

Many of these areas are built and operated by our state's Natural Resources Districts (NRDs). Whether you're looking for a quiet fishing hole, a hiking area or bike path, a place to hunt or camp, or just a scenic spot to enjoy a picnic, chances are you can find what you're looking for by visiting one of the many NRD recreation areas across the state. We urge you to get out and enjoy the "Good Life" at the earliest opportunity, whether you're a visitor or a resident of our beautiful state.

Providing Fun...and Protecting Lives, Property and the Future

In addition to providing much-needed opportunities for outdoor fun, NRD recreation areas are often built and operated to meet multipurpose needs. Working in partnership with State of Nebraska agencies such as the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and the Natural Resources Commission, as well as citizen/environmental groups, NRDs combine recreation facilities with flood control, wildlife habitat enhancement, soil erosion and sediment control, wetland renovation, and other important conservation activities.

Nebraska's NRDs

NARD LogoFor more than 30 years, Nebraskans have benefited from a strong, locally-accountable system of natural resources management that protects the lives, property and the future of Nebraska’s natural resources.

Nebraska’s NRDs, created in 1972, are unique in the nation. The NRD concept is based on watershed basins instead of artificial political boundaries such as county lines. They are equipped to deal with a broad range of natural resources issues. The result has been a wide variety of innovative projects and programs, uniquely tailored for the areas they serve.

The Nebraska Association of Resources Districts (NARD) provides administrative services, legislative representation, and statewide communication and coordination to the 23 independent districts. For more information about Nebraska’s unique NRD system, contact NARD at (402) 471-7670 or visit www.nrdnet.org.

Get more information on individual NRDs here.

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